Monday, August 06, 2007

Is Tancredo Working For al-Qaeda?

The NYT political blog "The Caucus" has a post titled "Tancredo Takes a Tough Stance"

The State department and other Republican Presidential hopefuls have said Tom Tancredo is crazy to threaten to bomb Muslim holy sites.

Think about his kind of threat in a different setting; what if the British government had held all Catholics responsible for the actions of the IRA and threaten to nuke the Vatican if another bomb went of in London. Do you really think Catholics around the world would have sided with the Brit's?

Tancredo's statements are so stupid and cartoonish that I'm led to wonder if he's being paid by al-Qaeda to help with their recruitment efforts.

Yeah, yeah , yeah... I know Tancredo is just playing to his ultra-right-wing xenophobic/nativist/racist/eliminationist sociopathic base and (probably) isn't getting paid by Osama bin Laden. But he's doing his crazed tough guy routine on a world stage and making America look bad.

Unfortunately he's not the only one doing 'the stupid'. Bush we just expect to say stupid, insensitive, inflamatory things, but we count on Democrats to be more intelligent and measured. Or at least we used to... Hillary has frequently done 'the stupid' while trying to prove how tough she is and now Obama has shown he can out 'stupid' Hillary. He's taken a bad foreign policy situation created by Bush's butching it up and made it worse.
Pakistan criticizes Obama for 'irresponsible' statement on military strikes

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Hundreds of protesters chanted anti-U.S. slogans and burned an American flag to protest a remark by Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama saying that, if elected, he might order military strikes in Pakistan against al-Qaida.

The protests followed comments by Pakistani officials calling Obama's comments irresponsible.

Obama's comment turned up the heat on already simmering anger among Pakistanis about the issue, after senior Bush administration officials said last week they too would consider such strikes if intelligence warranted them. ...(more)

Oh how I want this chorus line of half-baked Rambolette's to sit down and shut up.

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