Friday, August 03, 2007

Netroots Clout

YearlyKos is in full swing in Chicago. Andrew of Northwest Progressive Institute is live blogging the event.

All of the Democratic Presidential candidates are there. DNC chairman Howard Dean gave the keynote address. The Mainstream Media is covering the event.

Joel Connelly has nice things to say about YearlyKos and the netroots:
... It's earnest enough to be a little amusing, but these are serious people intent on taking back their country, with the dream of an America run not through Washington, D.C., spin, but with active participation by the governed. ...
Joe Klein deigns to mention the netroots as he ventures into stalker territory joining DLC chair Harold Ford Jr. in a jilted lovers neurotic conviction that the Presidential candidates will "come to their senses" and come back to the corporatist-sellout fold of the DLC.
... A New York Times Op-Ed piece declared the group "radioactive" within the Democratic Party. None of the Democratic presidential candidates—not even Hillary Clinton, a prominent member of the DLC—deigned to come to Nashville in a year when the contenders are courting every imaginable interest group in the party, including the left-liberal bloggers gathering in Chicago this weekend for the YearlyKos convention. "As much as we wanted you here," said Ford, addressing the candidates in absentia, "we're ready to receive you when you're ready to come home." ...

And if all that isn't evidence enough that the left blogosphere has grown into a movement with clout, the clincher is that Bill O'Reilly is in full, slobbering, eyeball bulging, pulling things out of his ass, attack mode. Even FoxNews editing can't cover up what a lying, bullying, blowhard O'Reilly is. Watch Senator Dodd take Bill to task:


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