Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogger Running for Richland City Council!

There are some political types who dismiss progressive bloggers, saying they're noisy but irrelevant. Those guys are completely wrong. Wrong mainly because they've missed the point of blogging. Progressive bloggers are all about activism; usually by digging out information and putting it into the hands of the citizenry, but sometimes by stepping directly into the political fray.
Mid-Columbia news
Blogger wants to replace Welch on Richland council

Published Thursday, October 18th, 2007
By Michelle
Dupler, Herald staff writer

It was only a matter of time before a Tri-City political blogger
decided to run for office.

Jim McCabe, the brains behind, hopes to make
the shift from Internet pundit to Richland politico by declaring himself a
write-in candidate for the city council seat being vacated by Mayor Rob Welch at
the end of this year. ...(more)

You can read about Jim's desicion to run a write-in campaign on his blog.

1 comment:

Ozy said...

I need to point out that Bloggers are usually far more informed on a magnitude of issues when representative aren't. Where does one think candidates come from? They certainly don't grow on trees.
I have gotten incorrect information from congressmen or they play dumb on important issues.

It's too bad that many of our representatives are "Corporate Buy Products"

I hope more Bloggers get active and run for office.

We are in serious need of a sharp honorable person to run against Rick Larsen in the second Congressional. It's crunch time!