Monday, October 01, 2007

Whatcom County Doorbell Conspiracy Theory

Scott Ayers at the Bellingham Herald led off his blog post this morning with mention of County Council candidate Ken Mann's weekend doorbelling effort.

Saturday, Ken's campaign turned out over 60 people who rang nearly 2000 doorbells. Some of Ken's volunteers came up from the Seattle area on the Washington Bus. The Washington Bus was inspired by the Oregon Bus Project; it's a project to mobilize young progressive activists and bring them to help campaign for progressive candidates.

Here in Washington State, the progressive movement is strong and growing stronger. In Whatcom County, Progressive Majority has endorsed candidates Ken Mann, Bob Kelly, Steve Oliver and Dan McShane.

Our local right-wingnuts are absolutely hysterical about those endorsements and the support that made Ken's Saturday doorbelling effort such a success has them going absolutely ballistic.

The silly attempt to make something of the fact that Ken has out-of-state family and friends who've contributed to his campaign fell flat. So now our local ultra-rightwingers have started a whisper campaign about imaginary "national socialist political action committees", injecting names that rightwingers love to hate. Of course that's all fabricated; citing imaginary political agendas and confabulating small contributions from years ago and contributions to other groups into "main player" status.

What these fevered conspiracy theories mean is that candidates like Sam Crawford and Joe Elenbaas have "got Nothin'". They have no issues to present that appeal to Whatcom County voters, so they can only whisper that there might be something wrong and that their opponents might somehow be connected to whatever it is.

UPDATE: (6:30pm) A photo of the happy young folks who came up on the Washington Bus.

So, you've seen it here first... Before you see the picture taken by a photographer hired by Sam Crawfords development industry Masters backers.

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