Sunday, February 17, 2008

WA02 - Rick Larsen May Have Friendly(?) Rival

Seattle-Times Chief political reporter David Postman has the news that Rick Larsen may get a Republican opponent after all.

MOUNT VERNON -- Former Snohomish County Sheriff Rick Bart is close to announcing he’ll run for Congress against Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Lake Stevens. Bart appeared last night at the Skagit Valley Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner. He said in his brief remarks:

There needs to be a new sheriff in Congress, and it’s going to be me.

Bart told me he hasn’t made his final decision, but said, “We’ll give it a shot, more than likely.” He’s been talking to people in the 2nd Congressional District and checking to see what the money situation is. Raising campaign funds, he said, looks to be “very, very, very tough.”

In the '06 race, Larsens opponent Doug Roulstone(R) got his campaign seed money from dozens of Republican Congressmen and fundraising help from the Bush Administration but wasn't getting help this cycle and recently dropped out of the race. With a couple dozen Republican Congressmen having already announced their 'retirement', of course it's going to be tough to raising money to run against a Democratic Congressman who, in '06, strolled to re-election with two out of three votes.

Dave Postman reports that Dave Reichert (R) is "Among those urging him to run" and that Reichert calls Bart weekly; Bart says "He’s begging me to run and I keep asking him why and he says he’s lonely."

You've really got to wonder if Rick Bart is going to run to win or run to give some cover to beleaguered Republican Congressman Dave Reichert (WA08).

Democrat Darcy Burner is running against Reichert and Reichert is running scared.

Dave Reichert should be afraid, very afraid. Darcy is a great progressive candidate and she has Howard Dean and the DNC's 50-State Strategy backing her up.

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