Monday, April 14, 2008

Can Tim Eyman Have It Both Ways?

Earlier today Bellingham Herald's Politics Reporter, Sam Taylor, posted an email from "professional initiative promoter and conservative Tim Eyman" with the subject line "RE: King County Democrats newest member: Tim Eyman"

Mixed in with Eyman's usual tedious self-promotion was something quite curious. Eyman wrote: "The King County GOP convention was super fun (I live in Snohomish county and have already been elected a delegate to the state GOP convention in Spokane this May).".

And later in the email, referring to his visit to the King County Democrats convention, he says: "My first and most significant experience was signing in. I walked up and before I could say anything the very nice woman behind the registration desk said “hello, Mr. Eyman.” I said, “Hi, I’m told from Susan Sheary (the Democrats’ chairwoman) that the admission fee is $25.” The woman smiled and replied “Well, for $40 you can become a member of the King County Democratic Party, get the newsletter, and get into the convention for free.” I laughed and said no at first, paid the $25, got my name tag, and went over to my table for a while. But after a half hour of talking with fellow activists and gathering signatures for I-985, I went back and changed my check amount to $40 and officially became a member of the King County Democratic Party."
[bold emphasis added]

Now I'm no expert on the rules of the Washington State Republican Party(WSRP)... but it strikes me that being a dues paying member of the Democratic Party might interfere with Eyman being seated as a delegate to the WSRP State Convention.

I've emailed WSRP Chairman Luke Esser to ask about this puzzler, but I haven't gotten a response yet.

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