Sunday, April 20, 2008

Democrats More Trustworthy

The latest poll shows that the American People think a Democrat in the Whitehouse would do a better job with the economy AND the mess in Iraq.

Clearly, reality has won over hyperbole and Republicans have lost their "strong on defense" credibility.
Washington Post-ABC News poll - April 10-13, 2008

35. Thinking ahead to the next presidential election, do you think a
(Democratic) or a (Republican) president would do a better job [ITEM]?

a. resolving the situation in Iraq
Democratic 52%
Republican 35%

b. handling the economy
Democratic 55%
Republican 34%

And here's a good reminder of how really really messed up Republicans are.
BBC radio remembers Rumsfeld's best soundbites
They thought Rummy was super-spiffy.

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