Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GWOT - Going In Circles

The Daily Show hits the nail on the head... The Republican's "War on Terror" has accomplished nothing. It's cost us a fortune and done nothing to make us safer.

Exit: Strategy
President Bush doesn't want to hear America's backseat driving in this war on terror -- and keep your hands off the radio.


mad Nomad said...

Haha! That is a good one! The metaphor isn't nearly complete though.

He forgot the wally's and afy's, the retarded bully in the backseat yealling "Bush knows what he's doing! You are a filthy terrorist."

Don't forget all the Sam Taylor's and bellingham heralds in this country who willingly focus on anything BUT the fact that this war is fucked up, and ignore the whole situation to find some profitable middle ground between the retards like wally and Reality.

jpeg said...

ya the retards, as you say, like to go with the boo boo theory not crimes against humanity facts.

hope we grow up and reject the adolescent, bully with weapons and a cash flow, bellicose dangerous relationship we seem to think passes as foreign policy and neighborly relations.

mad Nomad said...

yea, and they get all worked up when you show them the logical ends of their stupidity...

-national debt, depression
-PTSD and homeless soldiers (which they don't believe in)
-4051 dead soldiers, 1.2 million dead Iraqis that they won't even admit to...

And the media is a bunch of hacks who don't care about journalism but about how many papers get sold and how many hits on their website.