Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leila Fadel: News From Sadr City

From Bill Moyers Journal:
April 18, 2008
Just back from being under fire in Sadr City this week, award-winning
journalist Leila Fadel, Baghdad Bureau Chief for McClatchy, gives viewers
on-the-ground analysis of the latest events and close-up look at the state of
the war.

Watch the video of the interview. It'll open your eyes!

LEILA FADEL: Yeah. Well, you know who are the important people that you
need to know and talk to and-- but it's so hard to tell when you're getting
everybody has an agenda. And everything they tell you is going to go towards
their cause, you know? The fact that the Maliki government is saying, "We're
gonna disarm militias," I mean, that's a very empty thing to say because the
Supreme Council has a militia which now is pretty much the national police.

The Kurdish parties have a militia, the Peshmerga. The head of the KDP, the
Kurdish Democratic Party I think it stands for-- has a personal militia that was
deployed when Turkey bombed the mountains of Kurdistan because of what they
consider a terrorist organization, the PKK. A personal militia that has no--
[full transcript]

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