Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Democrats

Perhaps our long National nightmare is really coming to an end. It seems that a majority of Americans have finally figured out that Republican politicians are crocks and liars... and that their 'conservative values' are nothing but a scam.

We have yet to discover the full extent of the damage done by years of conservative dominance, but a shrinking middle-class, jobs being exported, massive trade deficits, horrific National debt, crumbling infrastructure, a weak Dollar and skyrocketing prices are a start to the list of things Republicans have done to this country.

There will be no easy fixes to the mess we're in, but electing more Democrats is a rational first step toward putting America back on the right track.

Here in Washington State, most voters have figured it out.

Washington State Voters

Party Affiliation

Republican 24%
Democrat 40%
Independent 25%

and Nationally, people are moving to the Democratic Party.
Partisan Trends
Democrats Retain Huge Advantage in Party ID

Thursday, April 03, 2008

During March, the Democrats held on to their partisan gains earned during the first two months on 2008.

In February, the number of Democrats in the United States soared to the highest level ever measured by Rasmussen Reports—41.5%. In March, despite the squabbling among their leading Presidential candidates, the Democrats held on to those gains--41.1% now consider themselves Democrats. Those figures reflect a sharp increase from the 36.3% who considered themselves Democrats in December 2007. (see history from January 2004 to present). (more)

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