Thursday, May 08, 2008

Larsen (WA-02) Endorses Obama

From Politics Reporter Sam Taylor at the Bellingham Herald:

Breaking! Rep. Rick Larsen endorses Obama

... Larsen said during a surprise 2 p.m. conference call that he is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president.

“This week Sen. Obama has proven that he’s tough and resilient. He’s shown that he can take a pounding but come back and communicate with the public to deliver his message of hope and change and I think that’s a critical characteristic,” Larsen said, speaking from D.C. ... (More)

Congressman Rick Larsen's Press Statement

Larsen Pledges Super Delegate Vote to Obama

Everett, WA – Today U.S. Representative Rick Larsen (WA-02), who will serve as a super delegate to the Democratic National Convention, endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. Larsen released the following statement:

“Today I am endorsing Senator Barack Obama for President. I believe Senator Obama is the best candidate to turn our country’s hopes for a better future into reality.

“This week, Senator Obama has proven that he is tough and resilient. He has shown that he can take a pounding, come back and continue to communicate with the public to deliver his message of hope and change.

“In my district, Senator Obama has strong grassroots support. He has inspired and energized my constituents like no other candidate.

“I believe that Senator Obama will be the best President for our country. I have been particularly impressed by Senator Obama’s truth-telling on a proposed gas tax policy – a proposal which would make little or no difference for Americans paying too much at the pump.

“Our country faces great challenges. As President, I believe that Barack Obama can unite our country to overcome obstacles and deliver real change.”

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