Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rossi Sez: "I’m not a scientist."

Even though it's not rocket science, Dino Rossi doesn't seem to be able to wrap his head around the idea that the climate is changing. As a matter of fact, he seems to have slept all the way through science class. He keeps sounding like he doesn't understand the concept of scientific consensus. Or perhaps he keeps saying there's still "debate" about Climate Change because he doesn't want to lose the Right-Wing Nut vote.

During an interview Rossi just kept falling back on the excuse that "I’m not a scientist" instead of answering simple straight forward questions about his views on Global Warming. You can read more about it at Postman on Politics.

Republican Dino Rossi: Global Warming Denier

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mad Nomad said...

Note to Rossi: You are not a scientist. You are an idiot and maybe you need to go back to college.