Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dino Rossi's Lowlife Pals

They say you can judge a person by the company he keeps and Dino Rossi's bestest buddies are the right-wing extremists who run the BIAW. They've already dumped half a million dollars into scurrilous attack ads. But of course, lies and slander are daily fare for the BIAW's staff.
Rossi's top backers slur environmentalists as Nazis

-Republican Dino Rossi's top backers, the most powerful special interest lobbying group in Olympia, have taken to slurring environmentalists by trivializing Nazism and the Holocaust. Rossi refuses to reject and denounce these remarks, because his political career has been built from the ground up by BIAW. Even today, BIAW continues to spend millions on misleading attack ads against Gov. Gregoire. Visit for more information

The Agenda Behind Rossi & His Special Interest Pals

Between dumping $500,000 into false and misleading attack ads aimed at installing Rossi into the governor's mansion and $450,000 Rossi has pocketed directly from the BIAW, its top leadership and major developers that comprise the BIAW's membership base, Olympia's most powerful special interest lobbyists have now dumped nearly $1 million into Republican Dino Rossi's campaign to bring their Bush-like anti-worker, anti-environmental, anti-consumer agenda to Washington state.

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Todd Boyle said...

Republican game plan since 2000: A) massive tax cuts for the rich, forcing B) massive federal deficit, C) Federal reserve create $trillions new money and lend it into the banking channels to fund the deficits D) banking channels allocate the credit to Republican cronies in mortgage finance, construction, and opaque capital markets where it was applied to new plant overseas and buyouts and Enron deals at home. Now comes the bailout. Same as the 1980s.