Thursday, June 05, 2008

RNC Clueless Offer

I've got my chuckle of the day:

The RNC, without apparent irony, is offering a white elephant as a contribution come-on.

With Bush's approval rating at 25% and the Republican Party's Favorables at 39% vs. 57% for the Democratic Party, they maybe should've thought a little harder about the symbolism.

The Pew Research Center found:
"Although the overall favorability of the Republican Party has not changed since July 2007, Republicans' views of their own party are down 10 points since last year; currently, 73% of Republicans have a favorable view of their party compared with 83% in July 2007. Virtually all of this decline has come among conservative Republicans. Currently, 74% of conservative Republicans have a favorable view of the party compared with 87% last July."

h/t to Sam Taylor, B'ham Herald Politics Reporter, for posting the RNC email offer.

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