Thursday, June 26, 2008

Robert Kennedy, Jr.spoke in Bellingham today

I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by RE Sources where Robert Kennedy, Jr. spoke eloquently and passionately about the situation we find ourselves in, on this planet of ours. His case for a true free market, allowing us to be good stewards of the planet we all share, is right on. We have a planetary emergency on our hands. We can no longer allow a handful of people to enrich themselves as they greedily squander our shared resources and pass the mess and the bill for the clean-up on to rest of us. We need to immediately stop subsidizing them to behave this way.
I really enjoyed his stories about the law students at Pace University School of Law learning to try cases by trying cases against Hudson River polluters. And winning!!!
It was great to be there for a very inspiring, hopeful message and also to see so many people in this community who care. I hope we are all waking up so we can leave a hospitable home to those who come after. I really appreciate the great work being done by the folks at RE Sources....thanks!

oh, and be sure to go to their be cool page and sign up to be cool

RE Sources' North Sound Baykeeper, Wendy Steffensen with Robert Kennedy, Jr.

RE Sources had a rare opportunity to host Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for a summer luncheon to raise funds and awareness for our North Sound Baykeeper program.

An international spokesperson for the Waterkeeper Alliance and attorney for the
Natural Resource Defense Council, Mr. Kennedy will discuss local and regional
clean water issues and highlight the work of RE Sources’ own Baykeeper, Wendy

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