Wednesday, July 02, 2008

All Politics Are Local

Rapidly rising prices for fuel and food are putting more and more Americans under extreme economic pressure. Having enough to eat is a real issue for many.

Ferndale's Friendship Community Garden is a local project that aims to make a difference by giving people the opportunity to grow some food.

The Community Garden is located on city property that would otherwise lay fallow. The materials to construct garden beds, a shed and gazebo were donated. All of the labor involved in preparing the Garden was volunteered.

Room to grow: Community garden brings goodness

by Erik Burge
for the Record-Journal

A cool wet spring might have slowed the growing season, but it hasn’t put a damper on progress at Friendship Community Garden.

“We’ve harvested 25 pounds of salad and two pounds of peas so far,” said Andrea Traner, Community Garden Coordinator. “Not huge production, but better than nothing. It’s just great to see people pull their radishes and take their lettuce home.”

Garden sponsors, donors, participants and community members, along with mayor Gary Jensen as host, officially dedicated the garden yesterday afternoon.

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Ferndale Friendship Community Garden
Dedication ceremony

More pictures and video at the Friendship Community Garden blog

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