Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain Incompetence, How Much Will The MSM Cover Up?

CBS edited out (another) McCain screw-up. McCain tried to make time run backward, falsely claimed that the "Surge" was the cause of the "Anbar Awakening" when in reality the "Awakening" began months before the Bush Administration cooked up their "Surge" scheme.

The jed report has the detail and video:

And when McCain isn't displaying his confusion about military strategy and foreign policy, he's shilling for Big Oil.
McCain endorses 'big oil'' predictions to push offshore drilling
David Edwards and Nick Juliano
Published: Tuesday July 22, 2008

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is relying on the projections of oil company executives to push his coastal drilling plan that would enrich those same executives -- who by the way aren't already exploiting every opportunity they have to drill where they're already allowed to.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire Tuesday, McCain said Congress must allow offshore drilling for oil and natural gas simply because the possibility to drill there exists. He dismissed suggestions that offshore drilling would have negligible effects on lowering the price of gasoline. ...
... One of the biggest oil companies, ExxonMobil, is seemingly less concerned about finding new domestic oil now than they were in 1981, at least if their spending priorities are to be believed. As of last year, the company, which formed in a 1999 merger, was spending 60 percent as much looking for oil than Exxon and Mobil did in 1981. The same company has been turning out record profits for the last several years, as gas prices have soared.
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McCain doesn't advocate the action that really would break the speculation spiral and bring gas prices down, increasing supply by opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. That's a move that would help ordinary Americans so McCain, like Bush, isn't interested.

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