Friday, August 22, 2008

brace yourself Effie.....

here comes t. boone......this is the absolute worst time to fall for a new scheme where a greedy, selfish corporatist slathers himself all green and oh by the way.....don't look over here ......
who's water is it anyway??
we are facing a planetary emergency and we will need to step up as never before to ensure the precious resources are replenished and remain available to those that come after. we will not survive as a species if we don't seriously consume less, conserve more and come together to create communities to benefit all of us. we can no longer allow greedy selfish humans to sell us our own natural resources from the earth and enrich themselves beyond belief.
i have experienced the suspicion of friends about my questioning of the t. boone and Ed Schutz will occasionally rant about it. this is no time to switch transportation to natural gas from petroleum (both finite resources of our planet we all own) and it's no time to take your eyes off the aquifer.....
we have no time to waste on false solutions and business people of good will should make good money participating in real solutions to real serious problems.

what is the t. boone up to?????.......

T. Boone Pickens wants your water

By Timothy P. CarneyExaminer
Columnist 8/21/08 7:10 PM
The basic story amounts to this: Pickens, thanks to favors from state lawmakers whose campaigns he funded, has created a new government whose only voters are two of his employers; this has empowered Pickens to more cheaply pump water from an aquifer and, by use of eminent domain, seize land across 11 counties in order to pipe the water to Dallas. To win environmentalist approval of this hardly“sustainable” practice, he has piggybacked this water project onto a windmill project pitched as an alternative to oil.
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and there is more....
Why T. Boone Pickens' 'Clean Energy' Plan Is a Ponzi Scheme
By Scott Thill, AlterNet. Posted August 21, 2008.

The controversial oil magnate has made headlines for a supposed conversion to cleaner energy, but there's ample reason to be suspicious.

........"Pickens used the enormous wind farm erected on his property as a means to lobby for the right to pipe the Ogallala water to a major metropolitan center," Hauter adds. "He successfully passed a bill through the Texas Legislature to allow a water-supply district to transport alternative energy and water in a single corridor. Pickens also successfully loosened the legal definitions of a water district, allowing him to invoke the right of eminent domain so that he could build the pipeline through the property of several neighboring landowners. We should be concerned with these types of underhanded business dealings."
We should be concerned everywhere they occur, one might add, not just in Texas. That means putting aside the media buzz and fawning articles and seeing the Pickens Plan for what it is: a resource power grab for a post-oil oil tycoon.
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mad Nomad said...

even if we suddenly had hydrogen cars, asphalt is a petroleum product; paved roads to drive on are a finite resource.

the ridiculous GOP conservative notion that technology will save us is a myth for old people.

Ozy said...

Is there other opinion besides this republican shill?
Timothy P. Carney

I don't trust Pickens or Carney. I would like to see some progressive insights.


peggy said...

yes we need some missing one who hopes to survive politically will survive telling the truth....or at least that's what i've seen. i feel a great urgency and am always looking for ways to change the paradigm. i always have a injection of hope when i meet young people who inspire me. i saw the beautiful little 5yo-ish who decorated herself with stickers and let me take her picture at the booth during pioneer days...she and her parents came back to our booth. i loved the young fella...11 or 12ish my guess who got the environmentalists for Obama button...when i said "oh are you an environmentalist?" he says "ya i don't want to fry."
and i had a chance to visit with an elder such as myself, who is starting work on the newly formed peak oil task force. very exciting and i hope to support the effort in any way i can. (look for the you tube, picasa and me...hee)