Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ericksen Wants More Time

In a comment left on the B'ham Herald's politics blog, Republican Doug Ericksen wrote:
"I believe that ideas are not partisan and with time (and good leadership) we will begin to move our state in the right direction."

"ideas are not partisan" That sounds nice... but in this case, it's total bull!

Ericksen's ideas are pure partisan. They are the same conservative Republican ideas that Bush brought to Washington D.C..

Those ideas cut the free-trade deals that export jobs instead of goods.

They're the ideas that gave us the "heck of a job, Brownie" FEMA that hadn't a clue how to handle a disaster.

They are the ideas that gave us the mortgage crisis, sky high gas prices, a sinking dollar and unending wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Those Republican ideas have also given us anti-freeze in our toothpaste, toxins in our pet food, poison on our children's toys and deadly diseases in our food.

Ericksens ideas are meant to break government so that it no longer works for the average citizen. His ideas come from the philosophy that government should only serve the interests of an elite crony class. Only those with the money to buy their way in would have rights and access to government protection.

But the truth is never spoken by conservative political operatives like Ericksen. What you'll hear from him is a different story. A story about cutting taxes and protecting property rights. But what you won't hear from him, is how if he and his friends could cut those taxes they'd be replaced by fees, going straight into the pockets of private contractors and, in the long run, those fees would cost more than the taxes they replaced.

If Washington's Republican minority had their way, what we'd have wouldn't really be tax cuts, it'd be the privatization of taxation.

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mad Nomad said...

Hey, Doug, I'm voting republican because I want to go back to Iraq!

My son is voting republican because he wants to go to Iran!

My brother is voting republican because he thinks that forests are overrated, and should all be cut down.

But you can vote republican because ideas are non-partisan: especially the really bad ones that republicans want to distance from their shit-smelling party.