Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ferndale Street Fair 2008

we started the morning setup with Jim, the button man Extraordinaire, showing up before 8am with our new button. (sorry about the quality of the photo)
there was alot of excitement about our candidates and of course since Obama had just announced Biden to be his running mate that was the front page of the day. most people felt it was a good choice, a handful did not know who Joe Biden was and i always told the story of his characterization of judy ruiliani's campaign..."a noun, a verb and 911." very popular story!!
oh and we sold our last buttons off the truck as we were loaded and about ready to drive off!!

we got the booth together and it looks like we all survived....bring it on......

it was great, as always, to Shirley Forslof and her family. Check out all you wanted to know about elections and voters at our great Auditor site....thanks Shirley and staff!!!

and we had a nice couple of breaks at the Ferndale Farmer's Market

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mad Nomad said...

Sounds like fun... Progress... ahh, how refreshing