Friday, August 01, 2008

Wal-Mart Hates Democrats

According to The Wall Street Journal, Wal-Mart is so intimidated by the very possibility of a unionized workforce that its supervisors have been holding mandatory meetings essentially telling employees to vote against Democrats and Sen. Barack Obama this November. Wal-Mart is taking this outrageous step because the Democrats and Sen. Obama have committed to pass the Employee Free Choice Act to restore workers’ freedom to form unions and bargain for fair wages, health care, decent working conditions and a real voice on the job.

All American workers have the right to freely decide whom to vote for independent of employer pressure and intimidation. Tell Wal-Mart to stop intimidating workers TODAY!

According to the Wall St. Journal, Wal-Mart isn't just anti-Union, it's intimidating its employees, telling them not to vote for Democrats. has more.

Friends with Low Wages

Watch 'Garth Brooks' sing for Wal-Mart employees in this satire.

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