Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Food

Even though I'm a staunch supporter of the Ferndale Farmer's Market (Every Saturday at the RiverWalk), I personally recommend stopping by one of Bellingham's Farmer's Markets and trying tostadas made by Las Margaritas.

From the Community to Community Newsletter:
Next Wednesday from 12pm – 5pm will be your last chance to attend the Fairhaven Farmers Market behind Village Books for 2008!

Next Wednesday both Cooperativa Jacal’s fresh, organic produce and Las Margaritas will be there. Come eat tasty tostadas and snag some amazing organics this Wednesday in Fairhaven.

Be sure to come down to the Saturday market across from Boundary Bay from 10am – 3pm to eat at Las Margaritas Catering Cooperative and to pick out the best from the farmworker-run Cooperativa Jacal.

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