Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grim Outlook in Afghanistan

The economy is in shambles as a result of Republican/conservative rule.

Faced with the need for a bail out to prevent a banking/credit collapse that could plunge the entire economy into a Depression, most Americans have temporarily forgotten about the $650 billion Iraq war/occupation. We'll be living with that deficit spending anchor around our necks for a long long time.

Now, with the election looming, Bush & his co-conspirators are trying to cover up the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan

There's an old saying, a stitch in time saves nine. And of course Bush couldn't get that old saying right, either. His single-minded obsessive pursuit of an ill defined victory in Iraq has lead to the complete unravelling of the situation in Afghanistan

Bush Administration Will Keep Secret 'Grim' Afghanistan Report Quiet Until After Election

According to reports, a secret US intelligence report which says that the political and military situation in Afghanistan is "grim" will be withheld from the public until after the election. Intelligence officials are finishing up the National Intelligence Estimate on Afghanistan, but the report won't be released until after the election, presumably so it doesn't hurt the GOP. Keeping the intelligence report under wraps would likely help John McCain, as his campaign has focused on what he sees as the success of the Iraq "surge," in which the US added troops to lessen violence. Attention to problems in Afghanistan would put the spotlight on President Bush's failures, which might rub off on the Republican nominee since he supported these failures. National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell has said that he doesn't believe intelligence estimates should be made public, though several have recently been released, including one that detailed the US intelligence community's position on Iran's nuclear program.

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