Sunday, September 07, 2008

it matters who is our next president

This came up at a meeting i recently attended. Someone downplayed the importance of who got elected president. Takes my breath away!!!! It matters and Norman Solomon espresses it well here....I will not agree with every decision President Obama makes but it is my duty as a citizen to be involved in this participatory democracy and push for America to do the right thing and I must get all my representatives backs when they do. Never before has it mattered so much. We no longer have the luxury of embarrassing(nicest thing that can be said), bellicose, greed is good, win at any cost, criminals looting this nation and causing untold crimes against humanity in the world. We are facing peak everything and climate change on steriods. IT MATTERS !!!

wake up America.

Beyond the Conventions
By Norman Solomon
September 5th, 2008
..............In ways too numerous to count and in realms too profound to truly evoke, this decade has grimly underscored that -- notwithstanding theoretical claims to the contrary -- it matters greatly who is president. From the Supreme Court to thousands of subcabinet positions to executive orders to a vast array of foreign-policy decisions including the potential use of nuclear weapons, the president is able to wield state power with consequences huge enough to be unfathomable.

A popular strand of analysis on the left has downplayed the importance of the president. The story goes that corporate forces rule, and the person in the Oval Office is little more than a figurehead for those rulers. There's some validity to that assessment, but in the face of experience it has tended to calcify into a form of denial.
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mad Nomad said...

That is what the idiot republicans don't understand... the 'american' [imperialist] way of life has already passed the point of no return. either they jump ship or they can drown with their so-called fucking freedom.

mad Nomad said...

i would rather be an elitist than an idiot