Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2nd Presidental debate watch...

it was fun to be on Obama Row and watch Obama looking sooooo presidental. the take away for me was when mcsame referred to Obama as "that one." that was visceral for me. thanks to all the fun folks who attended and shared further evidence that this is a no brainer.......

one candidate is qualified and the other is dangerous.

here is a great site that popped up after the nasty "that one"
we sure got the brightest and best on our team......!!!!!

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mad Nomad said...

McBush is loosing control... uh oh! Watch out, the "maverick" clown Posse and deputy Sarah "Gee" Palin might get upset and do something drastic!

I hope McBush blows his aorta out when he looses. (I hope Dino "Saur" Rossi blows his own brains out when he looses, too.)

I have to laugh at the ineffectiveness of all the shady GOP tactics that republicans pull-- whether because of the Bush Depression, the illegal occupation of Iraq, or the corrupt ethics of the Geriatric Old Party-- they are loosing, and will loose this election.

Get out of the way of progress, I say, or you too will be a whiney GOP looser.