Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rapists For Rossi

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) is running a TV ad about sex offenders, designed to frighten voters. They've taken a page from our States dirt bags Republican House Caucus and trumped up charges about sex offenders running wild.

The odd thing about the RGA's choice of topic is that their current poster-girl, Sarah Palin, presides over the State that has the highest per capita incidence of rape and has 6 times the national average of reported child sexual assault.

Governor Gregoire is having sex offenders fitted with GPS trackers while Alaska's Governor Palin charged rape victims for the sexual assault kits used to collect evidence. Obviously it's much safer to stick with a Democratic Governor.


mad Nomad said...

It should be noted that the Republican mindet closely parallels that of the rapist: objectification of others; promotion of greed at others' expense; rape of the earth's resources; war and militarism (the use of force); and dirty politics.

Republicans are not all rapists, but they raped Iraq, and are indirectly responsible for many many many rapes and murders.

mad Nomad said...

My vision for this country is to replace the two-party democrat/republican dyad with a socialist/green party one.

even after this election is over, we need to beat the republican party into the ground. we need to make sure they never, ever are capable of organizing ever again, the same way we dismantled the nazi partei.

mad Nomad said...

I hope the republicans eat some major shit this election.