Thursday, November 13, 2008

dear #3 Flex Fuel Plug in Hybrids

i have started communication with the president-elect's transition site this campaign was about "us" and yes we did!! so in that spirit i will send my ideas as a citizen of this democracy and inhabitant of the planet.

Thom Hartmann’s plan for the auto industry is the best I’ve heard yet. Immediate move to production of flex fuel plug in hybrid vehicle.

The cost of the 10kwh battery used in other countries, produced here would go from $7000 to $2000. Most trips made by people in our country are 10 miles or fewer for a round trip. This change makes every gallon of gas last for 100 miles. When you change to 20% gas, 80% ethanol/methanol that gallon of gas lasts for 500 miles.

This addresses the auto industry bailout, climate change, resource depletion(worldwide peak oil, which has already happened or will in the next 10 minutes) and the destructive strategic value of oil. It seems the oil and auto lobbyists are the drivers of years of shameless, criminal policy because oil is subsidized. Currently there is a tax on resources to make flex fuels and no tax on imported oil. Aid to dependent corporations is what I heard Robert Reich calls it. My question is WHY? This is not the lead in to my conspiracy theory. This is an honest question. We can fight and die and destroy our home, planet earth, or we can work with the other humans on earth to save it. Send oil the way of whale oil, strip it of it's strategic value.

This plan is a real leap forward.....

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