Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Truer, Bluer America

The dust hasn't settled from the election celebrations and already the lowest of rightwing low-lifes are trying to hoodwink the American public with their same tired lies.

Karl Rove and other assorted criminals and co-conspirators Republican operatives are trying to sell the lies that: 1.) this is a center-right nation and 2.) people voted for Barack Obama without knowing his politics.

The truth is that America is a center-left country, where progressive ideas are the norm, and most people who voted for Obama believe he is a liberal. The Pew Research Center found that: "Despite Obama's strong personal appeal, his supporters overwhelmingly say they favored him based on his issue positions (68%), not his leadership and personal qualities (30%). "

"Center-Right Nation" Watch - Brokaw, Hemmer, Rove, Buchanan Edition
By David Sirota

On November 3rd, conservatives told us Barack Obama was running as a socialist. On November 5th, they are telling us he ran as a conservative:

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NEWSFLASH: More Than 60% See President-Elect Obama As "Liberal"
By Bill Scher

Here's a little news that probably won't dominate the post-election punditry. More than 60% of voters considered Sen. Barack Obama a "liberal." And he won.

Politico interviewed Sen. John McCain's long-time close aide Mark Salter, who revealed the result from the McCain campaign's own polling.

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What must have the rightwings "thinkers" feeling especially desperate is that the next generation is lost to them; "Fully 61% of voters ages 18 to 29 identify or lean Democratic ..." (source: Pew Research)

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mad Nomad said...

I wonder how much of that red is racism? Especially in Arkansas and tennessee