Tuesday, December 16, 2008

t boone pickens alert

So, I hear much t boone picken talk or have in the last year. Many people are very impressed with his current marketing. He loves the windmill. He has great ideas about our transportation. He will ride in on his white horse and rescue us. I have been skeptical. That much greed packed into one dude sends off the flashing red lights and sirens. And that’s pretty interesting because water is involved and lot’s of it. My questions are: does t love our water…????

seems to love it as pointed out in this really nice water article.
Blue Is the New Green
Allison Arieff

A range of alternative energy technologies are available to us today; there is, however, no substitute for water. But there are new ways of thinking about water that can help us make better use of the available supply. (Pickens, by the way, is now actively buying up water rights in Texas.)
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Does he hate our water….?????

Poisoned Water: T. Boone Pickens Promotes Practice that Threatens Drinking Water
Carol Forsloff Citizen Journalist

…………And one of the biggest problems, despite the fact that Louisiana is swampy, is that citizens may have unsafe drinking water as a consequence. Look sharply,citizens in other states: this issue may be coming to your backyard as well. Nearly ten years ago the National Audubon Society maintained hat Louisiana and the nation are losing a national treasure, the Atchafalaya Basin, Cypress trees were logged off in the Basin in order for oil and gas companies to exercise their mineral rights. The consequences to the environment are readily seen in the stark ugliness that now is reflected in the swamps of South Louisiana. This issue affects the State of Louisiana as well as the rest of the United States, given pollution problems and reduction of flood control. The rest of the country has had to step in to help the City of New Orleans, still reeling from Hurricane Katrina. It is impossible to drink from public fountains in New Orleans and most of South Louisiana because the water has been polluted by the chemicals from the oil companies that have crept into the soil, according to experts.

Hydraulic fractured drilling is the type of exploration means for extracting natural gas out of the ground, allowing pipelines to be placed horizontally under land surfaces miles from target areas. This means someone can continue life as usual in an ordinary home while the land beneath is being drilled. But here’s the ultimate irony. That life as usual in Louisiana homes won’t be life as usual because the water used for the extraction is polluted with toxic chemicals making it unfit to use for drinking. Already people in California and Colorado, other places where fractured drilling has taken place, have complained about drinking water tainted with chemicals
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Or does he want to own our water…???? And what, sell it back to us…??? Will he sell water that has been contaminated by the barbaric practice of hydraulic fracture drilling?????

great video here....

The Pickens Plan and T. Boone Pickens Water Rights Grab, Video Recap
It’s been a few days without any word about T. Boone Pickens and the Pickens Plan, so I was starting to feel a bit uneasy. After all, shouldn’t spending $58 million on a national PR tour bring you into the spotlight just about every day? I’d want it to be all Pickens all the time if I were him. Unfortunately for Boone—as I’ve learned that his friends call him, thanks to the video clip linked above—not all his publicity has been good.
For those people not up to speed on The Pickens Plan, Boone’s plans for water in west Texas, and how those two are linked, ViroPOP has a short video introduction to the topic. It sums up several posts we’ve done here at TreeHugger in a about two and a half minutes of ‘a cut every second won’t distract people will it?’ video goodness.

This article has good graphics and sound describing hydralic fracture drilling practice. Sounds barbaric and we should immediately stop this practice. Huge amounts of water is used in this process and toxic waste is generated. Of a host of “fracing chemicals” used 92% are known to have health effects.

Plan for Hydro-Fracture Drilling for Unconventional Natural Gas in
Upstate New York
........Here's a slideshow of some of the key images. I'll have more on this as information becomes available. Kudos to WNYC and ProPublica for uncovering this in a great example of investigative journalism.
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