Saturday, February 07, 2009

State Rep. Linville (D) Rescues Elders

The 42nd Legislative District sure has a strange mix of representation in the State Legislature. As usual, Democrat Kelli Linville is working hard to care for the citizens of Washington State, while Republican Doug Ericksen is off grandstanding.

Eliminating adult day health will hurt Snohomish County seniors

By Nancy Dapper and Nora Gibson

If Gov. Gregoire's proposed budget is enacted the adult day health program, a vital part of the safety net that protects our most vulnerable citizens, will vanish. The consequences for Washington State's elderly and disabled citizens will be terrible.

Thousands of seriously ill seniors and disabled people will have their lives upended and their fragile health put at risk. Yet even as their quality of life decreases, the state will end up paying more, because many will be forced into nursing homes or other expensive care facilities -- at a far higher cost to the taxpayer. ...

... Some legislators recognize the important role that adult day health plays in improving the lives of our elderly. As the session began, ADH funding was under threat of being eliminated in the supplemental budget, which would have meant ADH shutdowns beginning on May 1. House Ways and Means Chair Kelli Linville deserves applause for restoring short-term funding for ADH, at least through June. ...(HeraldNet - Snohomish County: full article)


mad Nomad said...

Man, Doug Ericksen... what a toolbag.

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