Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doug Ericksen (R-Doom & Gloom)

As we've all come to expect, Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) once again has declared to reporters that a Bill passed by Democrats will bring on the end of the world.

But this time, Doug seems to be running on auto-pilot. Brad Shannon of the Olympian reports; "Republican Rep. Doug Ericksen of Ferndale warned it will force industry to leave the state, pushing jobs to China."

Doug's statement is really quite odd since the Bill "links grant awards from the Public Works Board and other programs to local government's progress toward state climate-change goals." and has nothing to do with 'industry' ...or any form of private enterprise, for that matter.

Doug has been in the State Legislature for quite a few years and he continually says everything Democrats do is bad for business and magazines like "Forbes" keep rating Washington State up at the top in their yearly "The Best States For Business" articles.

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