Monday, March 16, 2009

randized again....!

Today Thom Hartmann had Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute on and he stated over and over that this economic catastrophe (yet to come, in my opinion) is because of too much regulation...
huh.... Scooby doo moment for sure.... and several repeats of that as he claimed a real free market would work it out. Bad stuff would get "flushed out of the system." and we'd "get rid of bad players".... we just need to let the market place decide.
My big question for the yaron is: when you say get rid of the "bad players" what does that mean? Does it mean they get to take the money and go away?? Do they get to immigrate to Paraguay (land of very large aquifers) and buy up some property?? And what about the State of California's retirees?

I say this is no booboo (or as i like to say..."don't you teenage boy me!!!") this is a crime and I want the "bad players" held responsible, not paid off.

still best said by Stephen Colbert linked in previous post


mad Nomad said...

dont get me started on ayn rand. she ruined my life.

Anonymous said...

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