Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea-ed Off

I've always associated the term non-partisan with political neutrality rather than simply not being officially sponsored by a political party.

When the League of Woman Voters has a voter registration table at the community college because that's where lots of potential new voters are, that's non-partisan. Their goal; to register voters, with no political agenda about who those newly registered voters might vote for.

Isn't promoting a conservative political agenda just as partisan as promoting a Republican agenda? I think the politics of the organizers is what determines whether an event is or isn't non-partisan. Were 'out of Iraq' or 'impeach Bush' rallies non-partisan because everyone displeased with Bush was invited? I don't remember them being reported as 'non-partisan rallies to End the War/Impeach Bush'.

The April 15 TEA Party is an anti-stimulus package propaganda campaign. A thinly disguised attack on President Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress.

We had an election in 2008 and as a result, we have a Democrat in the Whitehouse and a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress. Republicans/conservatives aren't, as they would have us believe, being subjected to tyranny. They just lost the election... the majority rules... democracy works like that.

Nationally, the TEA Parties are being promoted by FoxNews Corp, FreedomWorks which is run by former Republican majority leader Dick Armey and a bevy of Rightwing talkingheads. Locally, the, so called non-partisan, organizing committee for the Bellingham Tea Party have purchased ads in the Lynden Tribune, The Bellingham Herald, KGMI and KAFE radio. Paid appearance fee to KGMI for coverage of the event. Rented Fox Hall for signmaking and solicited business sponsorships from Boston Pizza, Birch Equipment, Print & Copy Factory, Cascade Radio Northwest, Business Club, Day Wireless Systems, Baker Septic.

KGMI will be doing coverage of the "Tea Party" morning "sign making party" and the afternoon sign waving event, but they won't be taking phone calls.

The poster for the "Bellingham Tea Party" is headed "Silent Majority No More!".

This Tea Party political stunt does not represent a majority of Americans. "A new Gallup Poll finds 48% of Americans saying the amount of federal income taxes they pay is "about right," with 46% saying "too high" -- one of the most positive assessments Gallup has measured since 1956. Typically, a majority of Americans say their taxes are too high, and relatively few say their taxes are too low." ... "The poll also finds 61% of Americans saying they regard the income taxes they have to pay this year as fair. There has been very little change on this measure in the last six years."

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll finds that 58% say Barack Obama does have a clear plan for solving the country's economic problems while 74% say Republicans in Congress do not have a clear plan for solving the country's economic problems and 61% think the Republicans in Congress are not doing enough to cooperate with the Barack Obama.

Please take a few minutes to write a letter to the editor, telling how you support President Obama's economic stimulus program. The stimulus package means spending on infrastructure, roads & schools. That infrastructure work will mean contracts going to American companies and that will mean jobs & paychecks for American workers.

You can send your letter to:

The Northern Light
225 Marine Drive, Blaine, WA 98230

fax 360/332-2777

Ferndale Record-Journal
P.O. Box 38, Ferndale, WA 98248

E-mail: news@ferndalerecordjournal.com
Fax: (360) 384-1417

Lynden Tribune
PO Box 153, Lynden, WA 98264

Fax: 360-354-4445

Bellingham Herald
The NewsroomAttn: Editorial Page Editor
P.O. Box 1277, Bellingham, WA 98225

Fax: 756-2826.


Verbatim said...

The person writing this conveniently leaves out that about 42% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax.
He should also state that the tax rates have not changed, yet, but will very soon. The impact of more tax on those who pay tax has not been felt.
The fact that the Democrats won the election gives no one the right to ram legislation through that no one read thoroughly or comprehended. Thus the ' surprise' about AIG bonuses and then the unconstitutional vote to tax them away. We suspected that Congress could not read 1200 pages in 24 hours and that became crystal clear when the 'outrage' in Washington occurred. Remember?
The real question citizen Steve, is what does it cost for the government to provide the services the people need and that fall within the purview of the US Constitution. Once that is disclosed, we can discuss how much to tax. The question has been reversed on the American people to the benefit of those in power who will take as much as possible.
As far as bridges, roads and other are concerned, does Steve know how much money is collected by the State for that now and how is it being spent? How was it spent in the past?
Did the State get a fair price for the work done? What about the quality of the work. Just saying stuff about infrastructure similar to the sound bites from Joe Biden ring hollow.
Few of those making tax law know what it takes to create the wealth they are so eager to take a portion of. How may of them have had to meet a payroll in their lives? How many have created
something of value for other people? Isn't it past time that we paid attention to what they actually do? How many of them have cut their staff during this recession as most of us in the private sector have done?
Why do they need an additional $90,000 a year, this year, for their expenses? All of them should have real jobs and be part time legislators.
What about Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers and Barack Obama's money stream from banks and financial institutions? Do you think that effects their decisions and votes?
There is no thinly veiled disguise with the Tea Parties. What is most evident is that Mr. Tea-ed Off is repeating one party's talking points and has not really thought this through for himself.
Everyone can pay more tax voluntarily if they like. Mr. Tea-ed Off - please take the lead and pay more. I understand that sending your wealth to Washington is patriotic. Once it gets there
where does it go and how much is lost in fraud and waste? That is what people are teed off about. They are not opposed to supporting a responsible and sensible government. Unfortunately because we have very few people thinking and most, like Tea-ed off, reacting emotionally.
The most efficient way to stimulate economic activity is to reduce spending and then reduce taxes, in that order. New York City in the 90's is a great example. Unfortunately, New York is headed in the opposite direction today.
If the government accepts large deficits and borrowing, then why not give people a tax holiday? The result is the same only in this case the people will decide where to put the additional money, not a few who have political agendas.
This would begin to reduce the unemployment rate immediately. One of the problems during the 1970's was that government changed direction regarding regulation and taxes so often businesses could not plan. And speaking of business, how do the folks in Washington think the USA can compete with a 35% corporate tax rate with other countries in the world?
This financial problem we are now faced with demonstrates clearly how important the velocity of money is to the economy. When a dissproportionate amount of money is siphoned off and into the hands of government, whether that be here or in the European Union, for example, it causes stagnation. The flow of money in our economies is like the flow of blood in your body. Our President was rebuffed by Germany and France in his request that they up the spending.
They have seen what that does and rightly turned him down.
Please, remember that we have Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators that represent us in Washington. Don't focus all of your attention on the President. Contact others and let them know what you are thinking. Emphasis on think!

Maritzia said...

Verbatim should realize that, according to a recent Gallup pole, a majority of Americans are happy with the level of income tax they pay. 51% think they pay enough or even not enough compared to 46% of those who think they pay too much.

So enjoy your little tea party. When you get back into the majority, you can win an election and make changes. Until then, have fun with your little protests.

Doug said...

As Verbatim said 82% of the people you count as are satisfied don't pay anything in taxes. So of course they are happy.

Ask the old folks on fixed income if they are happy paying 52% of their property tax to a school system that they don't benefit from any longer.

I'm sure Maritzia, you pay your taxes cheerfully and on time. Heck you probably give two bucks to each presidential candidate.

I on the other hand will no longer pay into this failed system. I will no longer pay for your food stamps or your SS checks.

You will actually have to go out and get game full employment and take care of your bills yourself.

As Verbatim stated most people like yourself would not know how to build wealth or "create something of value for other people"

So tell me how's that "Hopey, Changy" thing going for you now!

mad Nomad said...

110% Of REAL Americans think that republincants are full of shit.

300050607% of Patriots think that Republithugs need to eat some shit.

10348769803475% of the idiots who read through all of "Verbatim's" bullshit agree that they wasted their time.

Anonymous said...

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