Tuesday, May 12, 2009

more freedom is on the march.....

Chris Hedges, with the help of Dr. Juliette Fournot, does a nice job of asking the question.
who have we become??
as i continue to see the evidence of our national disorder expressing itself in the world, i become more and more dismayed. and i look around as americans, for the most part, continue on with life as usual. as we deplete the resources of planet earth, consuming and discarding like there is no tomorrow, we insure a bleak future, at best, for those who come after. and in the meantime humans are used as the pawns for the enrichment of the men in the shadows who are directing and profiting from the war machine nightmare.

what are we doing in other people's countries?? will we continue to go down this path???

wake up america!

Becoming What We Seek to Destroy

..........The U.S. fuels the bonfires of war. The more troops we send to Afghanistan, the more drones we send on bombing runs over Pakistan, the more airstrikes we carry out, the worse the unraveling will become. We have killed twice as many civilians as the Taliban this year and that number is sure to rise in the coming months.

"I find this term 'collateral damage' dehumanizing," Dr. Fournot said, "as if it is a necessity. People are sacrificed on the altar of an idea. Air power is blind. I know this from having been caught in numerous bombings.

"We are faced with two stark choices. We can withdraw and open negotiations with the Taliban or continue to expand the war until we are driven out. The corrupt and unpopular regimes of Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan and Asif Ali Zardari are impotent allies. The longer they remain tethered to the United States, the weaker they become. And the weaker they become, the louder become the calls for intervention in Pakistan. During the war in Vietnam, we invaded Cambodia to bring stability to the region and cut off rebel sanctuaries and supply routes. This tactic only empowered the Khmer Rouge. We seem poised, in much the same way, to do the same for radical Islamists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"If the Americans step up the war in Afghanistan, they will be sucked into Pakistan," Dr. Fournot warned. "Pakistan is a time bomb waiting to explode. You have a huge population, 170 million people. There is nuclear power. Pakistan is much more dangerous than Afghanistan. War always has its own logic. Once you set foot in war, you do not control it. It sucks you in."

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