Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Answers from the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Did you know that you can ask the Congressional Progressive Caucus questions?... and actually get answers!

Hi Friend,

Two weeks ago, we did an experiment in which you submitted questions to members Congress, and members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus got up on the floor of the House and answered many of them.(See for some highlights!)

We're doing it again this week, with more members and more questions.

Tomorrow, immediately after the regular business of the House of Representatives is done, Congressional Progressive Caucus members will answer your questions from the floor of the House, on C-SPAN, and in the official Congressional Record.

The topic of the day is a very timely one: as healthcare reform makes its way through Congress, the progressives are fighting hard to ensure that the American people will be able to choose a public plan that guarantees quality, affordability, and coverage. As they go into negotiations with the House leadership and President Obama, they are focused on making sure that they are very clear about how such a plan has to be legislated to be meaningful.

But they're fighting some tough battles. The insurance companies will do nearly anything to undermine this process and make sure that Americans can't choose a public plan. And Rick Scott - a crook who defrauded the government of a stunning amount of taxpayer money and was made to pay the largest fine related to healthcare fraud in history - is the chief villain.

So here's what I am asking you to do: go to and ask questions about healthcare reform, the public plan, and the battle the progressives are fighting in Congress. Make sure you're educated about what the stakes are. And then talk to your friends and your family about what is shaping up to be an epic battle between some actual heroes and some pretty awful villains. Ask them to submit their questions. And commit to being involved in this messy business of democracy: we need you!


Congressman Ellison Talks About a Public Option for Health Reform


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Thanks for the link, Steve. I went and gave my 2 cents worth.

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