Sunday, June 14, 2009

Congressman Larsen Holds Townhall in Ferndale

Congressman Rick Larsen visited Whatcom County yesterday. In the afternoon he held a townhall meeting in Ferndale.

It appears that the local Republican deadenders were trying to stir things up by circulating an email claiming that Larsen was having a "secret" townhall meeting. Politics reporter Sam Taylor posted the email on his blog and pointed out that the townhall meeting was announced in last Wednesdays Herald.

The Republican email followed their typical politics of perpetual outrage; saying the public meeting was somehow secret and claiming that Congressman Larsen avoids hard questions. That's pretty funny stuff.

A few weeks ago I was at Congressman Larsens townhall meeting in Blaine and the Teabaggers were there in force. They all got to ask their questions and got straight forward answers from Larsen.

Saturday afternoon, I arrived at the Ferndale townhall meeting just as Congressman Larsen did and had a chance to speak to him before he went inside. He was well aware that the Teabaggers were promoting his meeting and wasn't at all bothered about that. He looked around the parking lot and commented that it wasn't as crowded as he'd expected.

Apparently Teabaggers have trouble doing simple math. The Teabagger/Republican email also claimed that Congressman Larsen doesn't represent the majority of his constituents. Since, here in Whatcom County, Congressman Larsen was re-elected with 65% of the vote it's really, really hard to twist the numbers so that the 34% who voted Republican make a majority.

But that doesn't stop the Republitarian deadenders from exercising their poor math and logic skills by not only claiming that 34% makes a majority, but also continuously making noise about how they're a 'silent majority'.


Mall Ninja said...

Way to feed the monkey, promoting the false left/right paradigm. Just keep spatting your talking point sound bites while the country is ran into the ground. Obama will save you!

jessica said...
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