Sunday, July 12, 2009

healthcare by wall street or doctors???

attention all who represent us in congress and President Obama:

who do you want between you and your doctor??? insurance companies or "the gov-ment" ??? the "gov-ment" is supposed to be us. when are we going to take it back from the greedy selfish wall street profiteers. they are turning us against each other to continue looting our treasure. shame shame shame!!!!....if we make health and healthcare a priority we can choose to have it for all of us. or we can continue to allow the selfish and greedy among us to continue on their corporate jets with gold plated everything. they are spending millions of dollars to market their agenda to keep we the people from using our treasure for the good of we the people ....shame shame shame!!!!.... do these people not have children and grandchildren......?????

end healthcare profiteering!!! make stuff (shoes tv's computers) , hopefully employing we the people, and we will buy it for a profit.

thanks to button man for sending this amazing Bill Moyers interview with Wendall Potter along.......

single payer now!!! at the very least, a public cooperatives or triggers or whatever phrases the greedy think of to try to fool us so they can keep stealing.

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