Monday, August 17, 2009

bipartisonship now

i say we all stand up for health care for we the people by we the people.... i wrote this to comment on a letter to the editor by Vern LaFave i read in the paper this morning. i guess he will appear on line tomorrow ....his letter was advocating medicare for all and he stated it extremely well. i will post a link to his letter when it appears in the letters to the editor at the Bellingham Herald.
i will be up early in the morning to say "well said, Vern!" with this comment he inspired.

Well said Vern!

This is about us paying for us to have healthcare. Administrative costs for Medicare are about 3% as opposed to for profit health insurance, which can be 30%. We should be opting to pay for our healthcare. We can save enormous amounts of money. We can hire good people (our fellow citizens), accountable to us, to administer the payment to good people (our fellow citizens), accountable to us, to provide our healthcare.

Standing in the way of this are 13 senators (from both parties) sitting on the Finance Committee and Commerce Committee who have been bought and paid for by the for profit health care industry and big pharma. And what a bargain, most come from small states and rural areas representing 13 million people (4% of the U S population). It only cost the profiteers about $12,000,000 in campaign contributions. That is on a par with the annual compensation of one bargain CEO of some these same organizations. Many of these greedy profiteers are collecting far more. (Don’t forget to breath when you see their take when they collect their stock options.) Hmmm, I’m no math whiz, so correct me if I’m wrong, I believe it would take, 100 humans paying $10,000 a year in premiums to get the first $1,000,000 to pay one CEO. The cheap ones go for over $5,000,000 in annual compensation, not counting stock options. These are the same folks who brought us the bloated, big slobbery kiss to themselves, Medicare part D. People should have been out in the streets when our children and grandchildren were gifted with that legacy.

At least 46 million of our fellow citizens now have no health insurance. We all pay when people are forced to get healthcare at expensive units of hospitals designed to provide emergency care. And good luck getting well care there to prevent and get early detection of serious or life threatening illnesses.

I would feel a lot safer in my community if I knew all the humans I come in contact with as I go through my day had healthcare. Healthcare profiteering is right up there with war profiteering. I want healthcare by doctors and healthcare professionals, not wall street.

Remove the profit from primary healthcare. We are humans, not consumers.

Medicare for all! That’s a real bargain !!

well maybe i missed something but i haven't seen Vern's letter on line yet so here it is.....

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