Friday, August 21, 2009

fight wall street wealthcare

the progressive caucus has taken a strong stand and we can get their fight dumber than joe the plummer from being suckered by these theives again..... here's a couple of ways to get their backs and make it possible for them to continue to fight on our behalf.

Standing Up For The Public Option
by Blue America

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These are the progressive members of Congress with the guts to stand up to Big Insurance, Big Pharma and to the pressure from their own party bosses. They stood with the American people and ordinary working families when push came to shove and both political parties decided propping up a disastrous health care system and a corrupt Insurance Industry was more important than keeping the promise made over and over to working families. These were the men and women who promised to vote against any health care reform bill that didn't include, at the minimum, a robust public option. 60 signed a letter to Secretary Sebelius and 18 took the FDL Pledge.
Democratic members of Congress need to understand that a healthcare reform bill with a Public Option is simply not an option-- it's a requirement. The congressmembers on this list have said in no uncertain terms that they will not vote for a bill without a public option all the way through Conference. That takes courage, and we need to show them how much we appreciate them for doing so. Please make a contribution-- and thanks for everything else you're doing for the public option.

Please Help Us Fight the Teabagger Army from Derailing Health Care
The lobbyists are packed six deep into every nook and cranny on the Hill, and it's going to take everything to fight this. Americans are dying. At the same time, corporate-funded teabaggers are trying to shut down all debate.
We need to raise $250,000 to fund our fight to stop the teabaggers from derailing health care. After two months of your hard work, 65 members House drew a line in the sand: no public option, no health care reform. Now that we've shown progressives in the House it's possible to stick together, it will be our job to make sure these members hold the line on a strong public option.Will you help us fight the insurance industry lobby in the battle for affordable health care for all? Contribute what you can below. Thanks for all you do.

Eve Gittelson NYCEve

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