Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Doug Ericksen's Town Hall Meeting

A brief report on Doug Ericksen's town hall meeting.

The high point of the meeting came at the beginning. When Doug and his helpers couldn't find an American flag, they ad-libbed by putting a yard sign with a picture of a flag up on an easel and asked everyone to pledge allegiance to that.

After that, it became much less entertaining. Doug's presentation was billed as the Washington State House Republicans plan to reform health care, but it turned out to be just a rehash of all the bills they didn't get out of committee last session. They don't seem to have any new, or realistic, ideas.

The one, possibly, new idea was the final bullet in Doug's powerpoint presentation. Something about an amendment to the State Constitution that would affirm that the U.S. Constitution has a tenth amendment. I took that proposal to be a little, coded, red meat for the Republicans wingnut base who want to reinterpret the Constitution.

The attendees of the town hall were Doug's Republican supporters, that always turn out for him, and a mix of people who support real National health care reform. The tea party people were no where to be seen. So, the Q&A was a polite and orderly affair.

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