Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health Care Reform March

today about 200 folks showed up to voice our support for sweeping reforms to our current healthcare system. it was a beautiful day in Bellingham and it was a pleasure to be with all who came to take part. many of those there have been working tirelessly on this for years. thank you!!! we are in this for the long haul .... the healthcare profiteers have no intention of stopping the feeding at our public trough. here are a few photos and there will be video to follow....

A coalition of Bellingham and Whatcom County organizations are sponsoring the Bellingham Health Care Reform March at noon on September 12 at Maritime Heritage Park at 500 W. Holly in Bellingham. The public is invited.

The Whatcom Democrats, United for National Healthcare, MoveOn Bellingham Council, Organizing for America, Jobs with Justice, Whatcom Peace & Justice Center & other local groups are participating in the march. All of these groups support sweeping reforms in the current health care system. Some of these groups support private health insurance reform, others support a national single payer health care system, and still others support a mixed system with private insurance and a national public insurance option.

Dr. Chris Covert-Bowlds came over on his lunch hour and eloquently made the case for healthcare reform....

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