Monday, October 26, 2009

Whatcom County Election - Mayors Endorsement?!?

I was surprised that the small city mayors joined together to endorsed the (Republican recruited) conservative candidates.

So I decided to look a little deeper into the endorsement.

What my sources told me, was that the small city (Blaine, Ferndale, Lynden, Everson, Nooksack & Sumas) Mayors are mad about the Urban Growth Area (UGA) update process and decided to "send a message". The Mayors aren't so much in favor of the conservative county council candidates as they are angry at Carl Weimer, Laurie Caskey-Schreiber and Ken Mann.

I can appreciate that the small city Mayors have, what they see as, their city's interests to look out for, but as one of Whatcom County's rural residents who has no local government other than the County Government, I really don't appreciate them trying to swing the County Council race just because they didn't get their way on one issue.

The small city Mayors did not meet as a group and interview the conservative candidates. I was also told that the conservative candidates weren't seen as being up to speed on local issues. As a matter of fact, one of the Mayors admitted to having met only one of the conservative candidates, briefly, and not having been impressed, that candidate was described as "well meaning, but..."


Elisabeth said...

Interesting post. I find it interesting that the small city mayors would hold Caskey Schreiber, Weimer and Mann responsible for the County's review of the UGAs.

The review determined that the majority of the small cities did not have adequate public services to service the proposed UGAs. How could that be the council members fault?

Ozy said...

I don't agree with this method of sending a message at all!
I understand and have witnessed some unacceptable behavior from the CC. I would like to remind people when you burn your bridges by just being rude or arrogant even if it does not seem so. Unfair actions may be taken against you to "Send a message"
I personally prefer to settle bones with the parties in question face to face instead of hiding behind an endorsement or a computer monitor.
I have personal experience not being able to settle differences because the other party has had control over the discussion.Or didn't have the guts to face me!
Who knows these endorsements may be the downfall of the democratic candidates because of a stupid misunderstanding or the failure of the candidates to thoughtfully engage in reasonable debate.
Personally I won't come out for a candidate if I think they are not who I want representing me but I won't ever endorse the other candidate for such ignorant ego or motivation.
Larsen Sucks And I stand by it but unless there is a damn good reason I will not endorse nor vote for the Republican Opposition! I will give Lame Larsen a goose egg which will unfortunately help the opposition.

mad Nomad said...

Maybe they will get the leftover campaign cash from the BIAW and all the other corrupt buyers of elections.

jpeg said...

these people never have any money left over...their mailing universe alone is so large the well known Dems are getting stuff in the mail...

and that's a great point Elisabeth, the small city mayors (and especially kremem) are gonna have some explaning to do if they assist in throwing whatcom county under the bus, using false information relating to the UGA's, or their bruised egos, or whatever. next thing you know we'll have to assist in their removal.

Marlon Flando said...

I agree with Mr. Steve here, that the endorsement, especially from Mayor Jensen in Ferndale, was a disappointment. This is jurisdictional frustration from trying to figure out how the process of planning for growth and the UGAs works. I am not an expert, but I can see that the format for planning has been handed down from the State, to the Counties, and then the municipalities. I'm not sure any of our local Governments get an "A" in working together to move the process forward. It's a pain, but it is important. No doubt our CC folks stepped on some toes, and no doubt the Mayors were disappointed that they didn't get to call the shots. So What. Working out something this complicated isn't easy but the Mayors need to realize that this is not a vote for the King and Queen of Homecoming.

Ozy said...

Come on!
Home coming?
Mark thats almost as bad as the hack job Cascadia did on you man.

Gary is a good guy and no one is perfect. Should he have signed on to an endorsement like that?
I but he might regret doing it, or not but they sure got some attention.
The issue with Gary wasn't about calling the shots.
I can't speak for him but I know he cares deeply about doing right by everyone. You can't but he trys.
Why don't we ask him?
I want some of our CC people to grow up a bit and learn how to be a bit more respectful which their postion in the public eye requires.
We know we aren't perfect. Especially Me!
BTW I am not happy with several of Garys positions but he is a good hardworking Mayor.
Have a great one.
Still need a champion to kick Larsen to the curb!
We are getting close!

Ozy said...

Sorry I meant to say Marlon not Mark.
Must be the bottle I am nursing. =)