Friday, December 18, 2009

real hope for the future

Evan so eloquently put into words much of what I am feeling these days and he gives me hope for the generations to come. I remember listening in horror to Obama's Afghanistan speech, screaming at the radio practically the whole time. And then, when I talked to fellow Democrats, many supported his position and praised the good speech. Now I hear from Evan that many young folks are not falling for this war mentality and it gives me the hope I felt was lost. Thank you Evan for being the wonderful human you are and for continuing on. You bring a very important perspective at a time when corporate marketing seems to rule the day.

here is Evan's piece published at Common Dreams.....

The Betrayal of Generation Hope
by Evan Knappenberger
Published on Sunday, December 13, 2009 by

As I sit here preparing for my final college exams, I can't help but think back on the ups and downs of the past two years. Ups: the defeat of the Republican Party in 2008, my own graduation from college, and the formation of progressive student and veteran movements; and downs: suffering through a war and hospitalization due to post-traumatic stress, watching my friends die in foreign countries, and now, the betrayal of my generation by a President who we put our utmost faith in.

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and here is a summary of the 7 day tower vigil by Evan back in june of 2007 where he educated many folks about stop loss, myself included.

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