Thursday, January 21, 2010

greed on steroids....

The supreme court decision that came down today is just like the Dred Scott decision, only the opposite. In Dred Scott a human was ruled property, in today's decision a non human, an artificial man-made legal definition, the corporation, was given all the rights of a human. This was discussed on Thom Hartmann today and, in fact, Thom has been warning about for a good long time. The greedy, selfish humans have sealed the deal. It was bad yesterday, but today it's bad on steroids. The marketing extravaganza surrounding elections will be orgy on steroids. (could be to sell a candidate or to destroy another) Thankfully, Thom directed us to where the fight is already on. We the people must stand up. David Cobb has been tirelessly working to prevent the corporate wet dream that has just be unleashed by the court.
here are a couple of places to find out more and find out what we can do.

Citizens United v. FEC: Supreme Court Sides with Corporations
Ruling Opens Floodgates to Corporate Spending and Strikes Another Nail in the Democracy Coffin

Are You Outraged Yet!?
Yet again the U.S. Supreme Court has sided with the ruling elite against the interests of the American people. Today in Citizens United vs. FEC they overturned the flimsy federal campaign finance reform laws afforded by the McCain-Feingold law. Corporations can now to spend unlimited money in buying our elections. The Court has legalized corporate bribery of our elected officials.
So if you were already disgusted by the fact that over $5 billion dollars was spent in the 2008 election, watch out. Because the floodgates are now wide open!

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