Thursday, January 07, 2010

Whatcom Republican Partisan says Democrats Shouldn't Be Partisan

Here's a steaming pile of hypocrisy for you: In his "newsletter", Charlie Crabtree (Republican PCO-precinct 112 and Whatcom County Republican Party State Committeeman) is complaining about countywide voting for council seats (as though it wasn't the voters who decided to do it that way) AND Also complaining about how non-partisan elections aren't non-partisan enough (linking to a couple of jpeg's video clips from the Dem's Xmas party as supposed 'evidence').

Of course, Republican Party State Committeman, Charlie neglected to mention that Sam Crawford (Republican PCO-precinct 141) and Ward Nelson (Republican PCO-precinct 142) are on the County Council.

Charlie [Who is Treasurer/ (& campaign manager?) for Doug Ericksen's campaign committee] also neglected to mention that Republican politicians Doug Ericksen and Dale Brandland felt free to stick their noses into the process to get Ward Nelson appointed back onto the County Council.

I suppose Charlie feels he can safely accuse the Democrats of being too partisan since the Republicans now do their candidate recruiting and endorsing from behind the scenes.

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