Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nuclear what!!!!

Well so much for my "hope-sy change-y thing." Caribou Barbie asked a good question??? I'm sure in a much different spirit. This news is so profoundly sad....let's waste some more of our precious time and resources at a time when our descendents need us to face reality and act as if their lives depended on it ...CUZ THEY DO !!!!!! nuclear anything is no future. No insurance company on planet Earth will ensure these endeavors and that's why they stick us with the bill. (whoops) And that's before the question of toxic waste and what to do with it is asked. No one has answered that yet.

Imagine what $8,000,000,000.00 could do to help us in our descent from this orgy (the fossil fuel age of cheap, plentiful energy and more junk than more of us can fit in our homes) The finite nature of the resources currently used to produce energy, plastic, soil destroying pesticide and fertilizers and all the machinery of said enterprises, as well as the biggest export we now have....the military industrial complex, are going to ensure this descent .....
The question is ....will we prepare? or as Tina Turner says will we choose to have it "rough" not "nice and easy" It won't be easy in the best case scenario, but we must immediately stop over-comsuming, stop barbaric extraction and stop using earth's finite dwindling natural resources to fight over earth's finite dwindling natural resources.

This decision is so wrong, so shameful and, again, profoundly sad!!!!


Obama gives $8 billion to new nuke plants

By Steve Hargreaves, staff writerFebruary 16, 2010: 12:48 PM ET

Work under way to expand Southern Companies' Vogtle plant, the first to recieve new federal funding.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- President Obama announced Tuesday over $8 billion in federal support for two new nuclear power plants in Georgia, setting the stage for what could be the first completed reactor in this country in over three decades.

The money, coming in the form of loan guarantees, is going to build two new reactors at Southern Company's Vogtle plant facility, located some 170 miles east of Atlanta.

In announcing the grant at an electrical worker's union hall in Maryland, Obama used to occasion to tout the benefits of nuclear power.

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mad Nomad said...

I am getting fed up with Obama about nuclear power, warmongering, and his failure to confront the fascist GOP.