Sunday, March 28, 2010

barbaric extraction...hydralic fracturing style

I hope this piece on NOW will begin to wake people up to the place we find ourselves. As the gas and oil interest sell people "friendly, green agreement" to use their property for hydralic fracturing gas extraction to people who are facing economic hard times, we must decide if this is the legacy we want to pass on to those who come after. It was telling to me when a landowner was asked, "what if the "fracking"ruins your water or land?" The person responded, "I will have enough money to move." Is this who we are? Are we really that selfish?

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and from the movie GASLAND


Attempts to make natural gas the new "green" is getting play on both sides of the isle as in a previous post I was horrified to hear t boone pickens featured. Until we face the fact that barbaric extraction is never going to be the answer to continuing our current consumption of Earth's resources, we are never going to move to live on the planet in a way that supports future human life. A short term energy fix at the expense of our water, air and land is suicidal. And it is just passing the bill for our continued overconsumption to our children and grandchildren. That seems to be the epitome of selfishness.

This post by Dave Ewoldt says it very well.... we have truly lost our way.

Alternative Energy Ignores the Problem
........Plus, the Industrial Growth Society is only possible with the embedded energy of fossil fuels, which are post-peak and what's left of them is so environmentally destructive to obtain that only a society that has completely lost its way would attempt doing so. Even 100% LEED building standards, hybrid vehicles (or any other proposal that thinks we can "green" consumption and continued growth) can't overcome that basic ecological fact.
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How Many Natural Gas Wells Does Your State Have?
by Abrahm Lustgarten and Krista Kjellman, ProPublica - July 8, 2009

bills have been introduced, in the house and senate, to protect our drinking water

tell your representative to cosponsor the Frac Act

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