Tuesday, May 18, 2010

t boone alert...again

Today, once again, I was horrified to hear someone I respect immensely, tipping his hat to the t boone man. Thom Hartmann said he had to agree with him about commercial fleets running on natural gas. Natural Gas is a non-starter. We really are at peak everything. There isn't any energy source presently used (above a single digit %) that isn't acquired by barbaric extraction and natural gas is no different. Hydralic Fracturing (brought to us by Halliburton in the late 40's) is now being used in 34 states and it's use is rising ...on steroids!!!!! Humans in places where this is practiced are losing their homes and health. Water supplies are being contaminated with over 500 chemicals. (some known and some "proprietary" and we are NOT privy to the information even tho it's our water.)

previous t boone alerts ......and i will bring it up everytime this slips in under the radar.

previous barbaric extraction alerts

until we face where we are and change our ways, we are on course to destroy the planet.

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