Sunday, June 13, 2010

end barbaric extraction....mountaintop removal must end.

After David Neiwert's excellent coverage over at Crooks and Liars and then seeing Ashley Judd on the C-span where she addressed the National Press Club and took questions, my attention is again drawn to the people whose lives are being devasted so we can continue to overconsume and carry on with business as usual. As 50% of electicity we use in America is generated by burning coal, the humans living in harmony with nature in the second most diverse forest on planet Earth are being relegated to the collateral damage pile as greedy selfish corporate interest rape the Appalachian Mountains. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!

Mountaintop Removal mining is barbaric extraction and it must end!!!!

Dave's expose of Rand Paul and Randie exposes himself on the video.....


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mad Nomad said...

rand... what a freak