Tuesday, July 20, 2010

greed justified

Today, listening to Thom Hartmann, his guest Carrie Lucas had me rolling in the aisles when she said the one hundred jobs brought to a community by monopoly retail, as 1000 are lost, is a “creative disruption.” Yes Carrie, monopoly retail is more efficient. It makes a handful of people and their descendents filthy rich as small, local family businesses, that employed twice as many people, are thrown on the heap of collateral damage. And the profits are tranferred out of the communities they are generated in. And let's not forget how efficient it is to import cheap goods from countries where people are working for slave wages. Really Carrie, is that cute little cheap outfit from monopoly retail, produced by slave labor, worth that much to you? I think it is shameful. Free trade is only free to the people who refuse to acknowledge the price being paid by unseen humans in far away places.

The bad news is we may not survive our fossil fuel orgy. The good news is, if we do, we will all have jobs cuz we will be the cheap labor.

Wake up America! The greedy, selfish, multinational corporatists, enriching themselves in the cancerous phase of unregulated, crony, casino capitalism, are stealing our descendents future.

stop the greedy in Washington State

move to amend corporations are not persons with unlimited ability to fund the buying or destroying candidates.

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mad Nomad said...

The bad news: we may not survive the fossil feul orgy. The good news: the republicans wont either.